“Repetition is the mother of learning”. Many of the main questions are followed by videos and a few short follow-up Questions & Answers follow-up to help reinforce your knowledge and memory. The goal of these supplementary questions is to keep repeating the topics so that by the time you are through with our Qbank, you will know the high-yield facts by heart and be able to effortlessly recall them.

Why should you subscribe USMLE ACE?

“Chance favors only the prepared mind”

Choosing the right preparatory material is a key factor for residency match and achieving a high score on USMLE Step 1. Ace is the ONLY board review question bank with a combination of high-yield tutorial videos, follow-up questions, many images, and more. Ace Question Bank (herein referred to as “Qbank”) primarily focuses on the Step 1 exam and offers different strategies for efficient memorization and recall of concepts and high-yield facts that you will encounter on the exam.

Why should you subscribe USMLE ACE?

The full subscription offers over 1,800 board type questions as well as over 260+ videos (35+ hours) that provide the explanation to some questions & answers.

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35+ Hours of Videos

There are many question banks on the market, and very few of them cover relevant topics that resemble USMLE exam questions. In developing USMLE ACE, our goal was to create a new Qbank that supersedes the existing Qbanks while covering a broad spectrum of topics with enhanced learning techniques. We believe that “repetition is the mother of all learning” and thus, important topics will be repeated multiple times so that by the time you are through with our Qbank, you will know all the high-yield facts by heart.

USMLE Step 1 is a broadly-based, integrated examination. Exam questions commonly require you to perform one or more of the following tasks:
  • Interpret graphic and tabular material
  • Identify gross and microscopic pathologic and normal specimens
  • Apply basic science knowledge to clinical problems

Topics will be mostly repeated using follow-up questions♠, which are short questions and answers that follow the explanation section of each question. In addition, we underline/bold/color high-yield facts while using mnemonics and memory aids to ease the memorization of more difficult topics.

USMLE ACE QBank is designed to maximize your STEP 1 score, and prepares you for your third and fourth years of medical school. Indeed, while primarily focusing on the Step 1 exam, our Qbank provides pertinent details that you will encounter when writing the Step 2, Step 3, and shelf exams.

Most of the questions in the QBanks currently available on the market require only one level of thinking. In contrast, the actual USMLE exam questions rely on multi-level thinking. Our questions use the same approach as the actual exam to make our questions challenging while covering multiple topics in the same question. With this approach, the actual exam will not feel nearly as challenging and you will feel as though you are merely going through another block of USMLE ACE questions.

Feel comfortable on the Exam Day!

We have designed our exam interface to, as closely as possible, recreate the look and feel of the actual exam to best prepare you for taking the actual exam. You have enough on your mind that day without having to worry about deciphering the format of the exam before you even begin to answer the questions

Subscription Highlights

Here at USMLE Ace, we believe that through presenting unique sets of videos, we can enlighten the minds of every medical student in the country. These videos cover various multiple choice questions which have been embedded in the Q-bank. Such videos has a total of 35 hours that will enhance your auditory and visual learning in a more efficient and faster approach of reviewing questions.
  • Over 1,800+ high-quality questions
  • 35+ hours of videos
  • State-of-the-art designed questions, with over 2000 highly relevant follow-up questions & answers that follow the explanation section
  • Access to the Forum and Chat Room with free registration on the site
  • Customize the practice test by selecting the number of questions, category and subcategory of questions, time-based or tutorial-based tests
  • Compare your score with other students and obtain an estimate of your Step 1 score
  • Discuss each question in the comment section at the bottom of the page (upon reviewing your results). This provides a unique opportunity to share your thoughts & questions with other users and website administrators.

Follow-up Questions: are one-level thinking questions and answers that follow the explanation section of each multiple-choice question. The purpose of follow-up questions is to repeat high-yield topics so that you will learn more and score higher in less time.

Use the FREE TRIAL to preview the USMLE ACE Step 1 Question Bank. This trial includes 15 random questions, answers/explanations, short questions, memory aids, and associated videos.